Private Label_ empowers your business through our unique pricing structure. We seek to increase the quality of our frames while offering you lower costs to help build your private collection.

For pricing inquiries, our sales representatives can get back to you with detailed pricing. Or register today to unlock the prices on this page.

The Partnership Program

We invite you into a "dynamic partnership" plan where we are able to offer you factory-based pricing for the same, quality eyewear. With significantly lower costs, you are equipped to be more competitive and get creative with your Brand. Our added partner services will also improve your business efficiencies with faster & easier ways to maintain inventory.

Partnership Benefits

Note: Current Partnership plans and pricing is currently only available to business in USA and Canada. Different terms and conditions may apply for other countries. Contact [email protected] for more information.

We are so excited to participate in Private Label_'s new partnership program. While most vendors are annually raising prices, they have found a way to reduce costs while also protecting their bottom line. In this program, we both win by selling more products, and our patient’s win by getting an excellent product at an easily affordable price point.

Urban Optical, NY