Black Friday Sale: $15 Sunglasses [SALE ITEMS only]

Partnership Plan Early Access: 11/21-12/25
Non-Partners: 11/28-12/25

*10 piece minimum order quantity


Private Label_ empowers your business through our unique pricing structure. We seek to increase the quality of our frames while offering you lower costs to help build your private collection.

  Non-Partnership Basic Partnership Premium Partnership
Cost of Frames Wholesale Pricing Factory Pricing Factory Pricing

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Services & Benefits  
No Minimum
Easy Online Ordering
Warranty 2-Year 3-Year 3-Year
Unlimited Free Shipping     *
Partnership Fee  
Single Collection
(PLW or PLB)
N/A $75 per month $125 per month
Dual Collection
N/A $150 per month $200 per month

*Canadian Partners: Unlimited free shipping for order quantity of 5 or more.

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We are so excited to participate in Private Label_'s new partnership program. While most vendors are annually raising prices, they have found a way to reduce costs while also protecting their bottom line. In this program, we both win by selling more products, and our patient’s win by getting an excellent product at an easily affordable price point.

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