Empower your business with your own private collection. Private Label_ is a simple solution to enhance your shop’s product portfolio.

How does a private collection help my optical business?

An exclusive collection gives you the freedom and control to balance out your product portfolio. Private Label_ can help you develop a brand that will fulfill the category your business needs.

Independent optical shops have been facing competitive challenges in maintaining sales, profit and growth in eyewear retail with the emergence of online brands and increased monopolization of the industry. In this market environment, independent business owners are essentially left with brands that limit the positioning and range of their product portfolio. You are left at odds competing with other local shops carrying the same brands.

Set your business apart with Private Label_

  Mainstream Brands High End Brands Economy Brands Your Brand with
Private Label_
High volume      
High margins    
High end quality    
Less retail competition  
Brand exclusivity      
Flexible retail pricing      

We are the leading private-labeling service company confidently backed by high-quality frames. Our offerings can empower you to own a private collection with the flexibility to price it right where your shop needs it the most. Be equipped to offer your clients the optimal eyecare experience by pairing quality eyewear with your professional services.

Private Label_ is our go-to business partner for an economical price-point and their broad selection has helped us succeed in keeping prescriptions from walking.

Studio Optix, NYC, NY