Vision Expo East + New Release Promo

10% off on all 'New Release' styles
(w/ min. order of 20 'New Release' pieces)

Visit us at VEE'23!

Join the Private Label_ movement,
curate a private eyewear collection
and grow your business.

Higher Margins
Brand Exclusivity
Balances Product Portfolio
Builds Customer Loyalty

We offer the best for your brand:

  • _ High quality frames
  • _ Factory-level prices
  • _ Largest range of styles & colors
  • _ Easy online ordering
  • _ No minimums
  • _ Fast turnaround

How to get started:

  1. Register Online

    Create a reseller account (no cost)

  2. Login

    Access and view our full catalog & prices*

  3. Contact Us

    Request a free frame sample or schedule an in-store visit by one of our sales reps

* Check out the Partnership Program plans to get access to our factory-prices. It is the preferred plan by most of our Private Label_ resellers.

Private Label_ is our go-to business partner for an economical price-point and their broad selection has helped us succeed in keeping prescriptions from walking.

Studio Optix, NYC, NY